Assignment 1 – Introduction

(A recent picture of my brother Andrew and I)

Hi, my name is Adam Firestine and this is my first post for my Intro to Informatics class.

I guess you could say that I identify myself as a student first. This is my second year at IUPUI and I’m  seriously considering Informatics as my major. I completed my enlistment in the Air Force last year in Fire Protection, but considering IUPUI doesn’t offer anything in that field, I figured why not pursue something else that I’m interested in! I’ve been tinkering and building computers as a hobby for about two years now and like to keep up to date with new technology and hardware related to them. I got into computers while I was enlisted in the military while I had downtime at the firehouse outside of our duty hours. Some of the guys would get together while we were waiting for calls and play online first person shooters like modern warfare and halo to help pass the time. I also was in a joint effort to help upgrade our dispatching center so we could work simultaneously with the military police and air traffic tower to improve our responses when working with each other.

On my first day of class I met Nssy Inyang through our icebreaker exercise. She told me that this is her second year at IUPUI as well. She also told me that she works in health care at a rehabilitation clinic. She has been married for ten years and that her and her parents are originally from Nigeria.

I don’t necessarily have favorite websites, but I do have three that I frequent quite often.

1. Facebook of course, just like everyone else on the planet.

2. YouTube because everyone needs stupid and funny videos to help pass the time here and there.

3. Newegg because you can buy and review all kinds of electronics from computer hardware to appliances to home and outdoor stuff.

A few activities that enjoy doing would be…

1. Hanging out with friends outside of work and school. Usually catching a drink at the ol’ watering hole. We usually just catch up, watch a game, or shoot some pool.

2. Going to concerts/shows if I can fit it into my schedule. I usually listen to harder rock. The last show that I really enjoyed was Warped Tour ’11 up in Noblesville at the Verizon Amphitheater. It consisted of about 80 bands on six different stages from 11am to 7pm. Outside of the heat, it was a awesome, face-melting time.

3. Skateboarding/Golfing which I haven’t had too much time lately of getting into. Even though I haven’t had the time to skate much lately, I picked up skating when I was in middle school and have been doing on and off since then. It’s also great cardio and when you go with a few friends, you can really compete and push each other to “hit” that trick you’ve been working really hard on lately.  Same thing with golf lately as well. When I was stationed in North Carolina it was usually a thing to do on our days off by getting all the guys together and hitting 9 or 18 holes. There was a large amount of golf courses in NC, so there was always a new course we could go to and half a good time at.

My three favorite people would probably be…

1. My brother/sister which is more than one person, but is pretty self explanatory because they’re family.

2. My friend James because we’ve been good friends for about 7 years.

3. My other friend Justin, even though he’s still stationed out in North Carolina, we were room mates for a about 3 years and have kept in contact since I’ve left the military. We worked/roomed with each other on a daily basis and saw all the good and not so good times on the job.

I’ll end my post for this week with “my most embarrassing mishap using a computer”. Even though I would call it too embarrassing, it was a pain nonetheless. When I built my first computer, I kind of just dug in and took it apart piece by piece to really learn where and how stuff worked inside of a pc. I didn’t realize or think of grounding my self from the static on the carpeted floor and ended up frying my motherboard when putting it together and trying to power it on. Of course I didn’t realize it at first and thought I had messed something up in a different manner. After researching what could have gone wrong for days, I finally figured it out and ended up losing a couple hundred dollars in hardware. Oh well, just like anything else in life, you have to learn from your mistakes somehow!


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